Is your mine ready to embrace the Green Hydrogen transformation?

Is your mine ready to embrace the Green Hydrogen transformation?

Global dss+ Mining & Metals Industry Point of View. 

As the mining industry strives to decarbonise, companies are rapidly adopting new technologies to enable the energy transition. One technology on the rise is the use of hydrogen (particularly green hydrogen), which is expected to generate substantial greenhouse gas reduction benefits and business opportunities. To take advantage of this potential, companies must ensure a holistic appreciation of the risk factors, operational aspects and sustainability implications that may hinder successful large-scale deployment. 

The shift to a renewable energy system that includes green hydrogen requires a business and operational transformation, one that when properly planned and implemented can produce meaningful – and more environmentally friendly – change in the industry.

The transformation will entail business model evolution, re-alignment of core business and operational processes, deployment of new technologies at scale, building the necessary organisational capabilities (internally and with partners), and also ensuring the right mindsets and behaviours are in place to embark on and sustain the changes.
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